archangelunmei (archangelunmei) wrote in aph_fluffathon,

[Fanfiction] Lipstick Mugshots

For: darkfireburning
Request: BTT in a three-way relationship - I would like to see something in which the exciting plans they originally made for Halloween fell through, but the three of them manage to have a great time together anyway. I would love it if they all got dressed up in costumes, though what costumes is up to the filler =)
Characters/Pairings: Prussia/France, implied Prussia/France/Spain, background Turkey/Portugal and cameos by Germany and England
Summary: The mugshots that hang in the entry way to their apartment tell the story of the best Halloween ever.
Rating: T for sex and drinking
Warnings: Off-screen, non-explicit sex, drinking, crossdressing

(It was the Halloween that went down in infamy.)

Tags: character: france, character: prussia, character: spain, fanfiction, fluff or treat, pairing: francexprussiaxspain, rating: pg-13

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