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[Fic] Sharing.

For: cattiechaos
Request: I would like to see the Baltic trio (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia) having fun at a Halloween fair at night! Whether they are braving the Haunted House, bobbing for apples, or working a pumpkin pie booth, I would love to see them enjoying each others company (and of course, I want to see them in costume! It's up to you what they dress up as.)
Characters/Pairings: Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.
Summary: Once upon a party the Baltic bros got an idea to "help out" scaring the partygoers. Halloween's supposed to be scary, right?
Rating: G
Warnings: None.


“I really would not want to dampen the mood for anyone but don't you think he should lift his head already?”
Lithuania shrugged. “I think he's just being stubborn if you ask me.” He smiled and this time the gentle look in his face sent chills down England's spine. “He has had plenty of practize at being underwater.” Estonia, who was sitting on his haunches next to the bucket nodded happily. “And to think that he's about to break his record without anyone holding him down! I'm actually quite proud of him now.”

It was at this that England finally decided hosting the party had been a mistake, as always, and quickly made his way downstairs. The happy commotion behind him seemed to suggest that Latvia had finally managed to catch an apple and was now getting jokes of Estonia possibly helping him the next time because apparently he was dressed to the task. This one was a little too cultural for his understanding – to England Estonia seemed to be simply crossdressing, albeit in a rather strange style. He poured himself a sherry, leftovers of a bottle, wondering for who knows how manyeth time what on earth had made him even think to invite people over to his place again.

 “You go next Estonia, don't let your hair dry!”
“Ah I don't like apples that much... anyway, this party's not half as scary as I was expecting. Isn't something frightening supposed to happen?”
“Maybe it's the kind of a party where you'll be wandering around being entertained and then suddenly something jumps at you!”
“I – I'm not s-sure I'd like th-that...”

Lithuania damned himself quietly for having spoken out without thinking first. Just when they'd successfully derailed Latvia from an oncoming panic attack too, he had had to open his big mouth and, oh well. He closed his eyes, striving for the correct words but Estonia had thought faster than him, as he was so often wont to do.

“How about it's you who jumps at people then?”
Latvia pondered this for a while. Then his face seemed to take on a different expression as the possibilities sunk in, and his trembling subsided. “I mean”, Estonia continued, “I seriously don't think this party is all it's chalked up to be. England there seemed a bit tired to be honest, so how about we lend him a hand?” 
The room was quiet for a moment. Estonia's happy, open smile seemed to catch on the others. All in all, it was an ominous moment.

“Haha, I like the apple catching one! It's called bobbing, right? Bobbing, yes.”
Lithuania nodded happily at Finland, pointing at the bucket. 
“Idea is that you catch one without hands so just put them behind your back. You're not allowed to push an apple to the side to bite into it either.”

Latvia was sitting in a chair by the door, a little bit uncertain of the whole idea but nevertheless intrigued. 
“Ok, got it! That's a cool outfit by the way, are you dressed as a witch?”
Lithuania nodded. From the corner of his eye he saw Estonia fidget a little in the darkness and did not trust his own voice to stay stable anymore. Luckily Finland had already dropped to his knees.

Estonia sneaked closer and knelt soundlessly back where he had been just a moment before with Latvia. Lithuania had to admit that his outfit was excellent, Estonia had clearly seen a lot of trouble this year. From the greenish make-up to the hair that looked as if it were constantly wet to the clothes that clung onto him, even the long nails, Estonia looked picture perfect.

Finland, emerging with a muffled yell of victory, seemed to agree. The apple fell from his mouth with a splash, which he did not seem to register at all. He was oddly silent and simply stared, glued to the spot and motionless as Estonia slowly rose his hand, placed it gently on top of his head -
and plunged him face-first back into the bucket.

The three lay on the floor in breathless heaps, still rattled by bouts of hysteric laughter and all out of air. Estonia was hiccupping, trying to sputter out something incoherent and fighting to rise himself onto his elbows. Lithuania was the first to somewhat calm down and sit back up wiping his tears in his long sleeves, but every single thing anyone now said sent the whole group back onto the floor.
“I – I think he knows what you're dressed up as -”
“Did you-ck SEE his face-hick- seriously I-ck m going to-hick -”
“Hahaha, e-even I think y-you're l-looking kind of scary and I know it's j-just you -”
“Oooooh my stomach hurts... we should probably try to catch him and let him know it was not a real, er, what's that called in Finnish anyway -”
“Näkki, I th-ick-ink. Did you SEE his -hick- face -”

Eventually they calmed down enough to clear the room before Finland would manage to convince anyone that there had actually been something worth panicing for there. They shuffled along the wall, checking the corridors were empty before sliding through them like three rather frightening ghosts. There was no particular reason for this and they were mostly doing it for the fun of it, chuckling soundlessly into their palms, and thus it was that they accidentally sneaked upon Denmark spread out on a sofa, having a nap or possibly having passed out sometime earlier. They retreated quickly behind a corner to discuss this further with hushed voices. Lithuania cast a quick look around him, tied his belt on tighter and pulled the fabric of the dress so that it hung in front of him like a sack above his waist.

“What's that going to be for”
“Shhhhh... I've read about this, I wonder if it woud work... anyone see anything I could use to fill my top a bit...”
“Th-these matryoska here? They're a bit d-different sizes but...”
“Pffffffffft perfect... I'll just slip them in – like so - how do I look?”
“Quite unfortunate.”
“Th-that's Ukraine when she gets old, right?”
“No, it's called “slattenpatte”.  Now shhhhh...”

Estonia and Latvia held their breath as Lithuania advanced on the sleeping figure. They only saw his back as he bent over the armrest to hover right above Denmark's face. He dipped himself down a little bit and in the now absolute silence they heard the small sound as the front pieces inside his dress connected with Denmark's head. 

At first it seemed he would just go on sleeping. He muttered something and seemed to try to dig himself into a more comfortable position. He muttered something more, now a little quizzically and then suddenly they saw his whole body tense. In less than a second Denmark went from horizontal to vertical, seemingly without bending a single joint and tore soundlessly through the corridors and down the stairs. Somewhere behind them Finland was insisting he knew what he had seen and that anyone going into the room was in grave danger. There was nothing to it. They cast a quick look around careful to not to look at each other in the face – they were all red in any case from trying to swallow too much laughter and there was no reason to try themselves any harder. There was only the corridor behind them that was now filling with people and the staircase ahead of them that Denmark had used, and one mysterious door.

They all piled through it and glad that it was an actual room instead of a broom closet they hunched down and giggled as quietly as they could manage. Estonia's hickup came back almost instantly and it only made things so much worse to hear an occasional loud HICK amidst the whispered laughter.

“S-so, these slappetatte -”
“Slattenpatte -”
“Those, yes, what are they and what do they do?”
“They're troll women with saggy breasts... they sneak up on young men and try to – you know - “
“Pfffttttttt no wonder then, nev-hick never seen him run so fast!”
“I have! I, we, there was this one t-time when I had a really good offer on beer...”


The corridor was quiet again. They all breathed out a sigh of relief and Estonia fell back on the floor from where he had been crouching with his shoulder pressed firmly under the door handle. Lithuania was muttering something quiet about how he wondered if certain things like strength ran in the family and that it had been quite a feat to manage to make Sweden believe that door was actually locked by simply holding the handle up. Estonia massaged his shoulder. It would develop a showy bruise for the next day but as of now it was merely sore.

They took a look around the room. It looked like some kind of a storage with small stacks of chairs, a couple of tables and countless dusty boxes piled up all the way to the ceiling. There weren't any lights but somehow they could still make out their surroundings, and after a while they realized this was because of a window-like frame on the wall at the back of the room. Latvia walked up to it, took one look and jumped backwards.

“I, it, there's a large room t-there and someone was looking straight at me!”
He seemed fixated on the frame nevertheless. After a while he tilted his head a little, waved his arms in front of him and jumped. Then he turned his back to it.
“I don't t-think it's see-through both w-ways. That's Spain there, looking this way but – but he d-did not seem to actually s-see me.”

This was curious. Lithuania went to inspect the frame closer and quickly realized what it was. It was a one-way mirror, it had to be. He remembered the room behind it and that there was a small mirror on one of the walls, so this was probably it. Who knew what this room had been used for, England's houses were built the way he liked them and for all they knew he had a long and thorough experience on spying. Having this place was an excellent way of keeping an eye on a roomful of people. One would simply have to remember to not stand too close to the mirror or to have any light with them and it would not show through to the other side. Unless one wanted to be seen, of course...
Next to it there was an old, small chalkboard and a piece of chalk hanging from a string, possibly for taking some quick notes.

Lithuania took a look at Latvia. It would be his turn now, would it not? He fought back some pessimistic thoughts about how Latvia had turned out rather too cute to be scary, which was unfortunate. He understood the idea well though: they had all thought the idea of a Halloween party was to dress up as the single most frightening creature they knew and therefore, like one would have known it, Latvia was dressed up as Russia. Yet, and this was amazing, Latvia dressed up as Russia did not have even a trace of his menace about him. He had even attracted some hugs earlier on.

Well, nothing to it, at least they would have to try it out. Perhaps, Lithuania thought, they could help him out by bouncing into vision from behind him when some unfortunate soul chanced to next look into the mirror. He grabbed Latvia and pushed him in front of it.
“They can't see you yet but just a tiny little bit closer to it and -”
His voice trailed off and he felt Latvia's shoulders tense so quickly it was as if he had suddenly turned to stone. Russia had walked in front of the mirror.

It was eerie looking straight into his face, even knowing he could not see them. Lithuania was just about to quietly drag Latvia away when he returned to life and bent down to pick up the framed, old chalkboard. He wrote something on it, stood back up and took a step forward. Russia's face barely changed its look, yet it was obvious he was now seeing him. He lifted one hand slowly and Latvia lifted his as well, like a mirror image. Russia ran his fingers through his hair and Latvia did the same. Then he said something. They could see his lips move but the wall between them blocked all the sound so it was anyone's guess if he had just spoken to himself or someone else.

Latvia lifted the blackboard and pressed it almost right into the surface of the mirror. Russia's mouth moved again, this time apparently because he was reading the text aloud, and his face seemed to slacken in an odd way. The tone of his skin turned greenish, his eyes rolled up in their sockets and soundlessly he fell back and disappeared from the view.
Latvia retreated quickly and let the blackboard fall down on its string.

“What – what did you show him?”
“I just wrote something... nothing much.”
Latvia's voice had changed somehow and it took them a while to figure out that his stutter had for once diappeared. It was probably the scariest thing of the whole night, Lithuania thought and turned the chalkboard around to hide his feelings.
On the old, dusty and scratched up surface was a short sentence written in a bold letters.

“I said yes to Belarus.”

End notes: Näkki, or a Neck/Nix/Näkk is a common type of water sprite in the Nordic countries and similar creatures exist in the Baltic and  Slavic countries as well. Näkki is either considered to be a beautiful young man playing a violin or a shapeshifting woman with long nails, and the woman -form is the one I was taught as a child for example: I was warned to not go to a certain pond because a Näkki lived there and she would sink her claws into any children she could reach and drown them. She's similar to f.ex. rusalka in that her hair has to stay wet or she dies.

Slattenpatte is a very special Danish troll! XD Beware before you click the link: the name means saggy breasts and that's exactly what's there. In fact, they usually also go around naked so beware, beware indeed...
Tags: character: denmark, character: england, character: finland, character: latvia, character: lithuania, character: russia, fanfiction, fluff or treat, rating: g-pg

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