Salmon (salmonme) wrote in aph_fluffathon,

[Fic] The First Day of Autumn

For: archangelunmei
Hungary/Belgium or Hungary/Liechtenstein (I really don't care which one, whichever's easiest for you! :D) going on a walk to admire the autumn leaves. Major bonus points if it gets chilly, and they hold hands and snuggle together to keep warm.
Summary: Hungary has plans to sleep in, but Belgium knows today is something special the other won't want to miss.
Characters/Pairings: Hungary/Belgium
Rating: G
Warnings: Um...yuri? Short? I've never written Belgium before?

Link: The First Day of Autumn
Tags: character: belgium, character: hungary, fanfiction, fluff or treat, pairing: belgiumxhungary

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