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[Fanfiction] Beer Is The Chosen Drink For Sport

For: jencatd
Request: 'New Zealand & Hungary drinking beer, watching rugby together on TV and really getting into the game, yelling at the TV and everything. I'd love it if Hungary ended up flipping a table because her team is losing.
[Rugby in NZ is an autumn/winter sport, and I could see NZ and Hungary getting along well and being really good friends.]
Characters/Pairings: Hungary, New Zealand
Summary: There is an unspoken rule between them that when it turns to autumn in New Zealand, rugby week begins. It always seems to end with at least one ban from a bar, but that's alright.
Rating: K+
Warnings: Table flipping and drunk people, but nothing you won't have seen before. Copious drinking. Quite possibly fail humour and lack of rugby knowledge.

Notes: Don't know if beech trees grow in Auckland, and I only did a little wiki-research so I have no idea how much of this is right. According to wiki, North Island Brown Kiwi don't actually inhabit the area close to Auckland, but pretend they do. Also, made NZ a guy, hope you don't mind! Hopefully they're both characterised vaguely right...?
I'd like to mention that I know absolutely zilch about rugby aside from watching a little of the World Cup if someone was watching it. I know a little more about American Football, so if there's some cross-over, please excuse me?

Without fail, as the first leaf of the beech tree on his lawn fell, Hungary would appear on his doorstep, grinning, holding a suitcase in one hand, a twenty-four pack of the cheapest beer she could find in the other, and she would stay for a week. New Zealand never quite knew how she turned up at the right time each year (he had his suspicions though - all that yaoi footage on her laptop came from some pretty intense spying), but he would grin, take the beer and sling it in the fridge as she made herself comfortable in the house. 

However, it was not a random trip. No, her arrival indicated the start of what was mentally referred to as 'Rugby Week', in all its drunken, mood-rollercoaster glory. Sometimes they went to local games, pretending that nothing else but the game existed, and they were there with all the parents, perhaps even yelling louder than the people who had reasons to be there. 

Other times they would sit at home, turn the TV up loud with Hungary's beer and plenty of food. (Somehow, by the end of the game, they'd always been joined by several of the local kiwis and a sheep or two, and who knew where the hell they came from, but if they enjoyed the sport, neither nation minded)

But this time, they went to a bar, shaming the patrons with twenty drinks between them and it was, as usual, getting loud. 
It was also a fairly tense event between the two, as it was a 'friendly' match with the All-Blacks and the Hungarian national team. (It was, to most, blatantly obvious who would win that, but Hungary still held drunken hope.) 

The score at twenty-two minutes stood at 14-0 to the All-Blacks, having scored two tries and conversions, and Hungary was getting a little rowdy in her alcohol induced haziness. 

"Come on yoouu lot! Kick it, kick it damn it! The goal is down that end, so get it down there!" She yelled, making several men around her wince and wonder why she was getting so excited about it. New Zealand sniggered, knocking back another gulp of beer like it was water and slamming it on the table as his team regained the ball and made headway through the field. 

"Oh, think you have a chance against me? Let's not forget who's the current World Cup holda'!" He slurred slightly, grinning in a somewhat evil fashion, unlike his usual calm manner. (When it came to rugby, damn politeness) Hungary grimaced. 

"So wha'? Don't mean I can't try- YEAH! KIIIIICK IIIIIT!" (A Hungarian forward had tackled and recovered the ball, and was unwittingly followed Hungary's instruction) The ball sailed down the field, spinning as it did so and sweeping just inside the boundaries of the goal posts. Hungary stood up, screaming her delight as the score turned to 14-3 and her team celebrated, evidently as shocked as the New Zealanders, Hungary's elated cries the only noise currently in the bar. 

"Woooooaaaah! Yeeeaaahhh!" She turned to New Zealand, childishly sticking her tongue out. "Bitch, take tha'!" He took another swig of his drink, shoving it towards the batman for a refill with a grimace. 

"'t's only three points, 'm still ahead!" 

Ten minutes left on the clock, the tension had eased in the bar. The score stood proud in the top left corner of the screen, reading 72-6 (the Hungarian team had somehow fit another goal kick in the injury time of the first half) and yet, Hungary herself hadn't given up. New Zealand silently suspected that her enthusiasm was why the All-Blacks weren't grinding the opposite team into the dust. 
Even though his alcoholic haze, he could see the barman becoming agitated, and close to - at the very least - refusing to give them drinks. But it was only ten more minutes, he thought, then it would calm down a bit. 

Right at that moment, Hungary yelled, turning to him with fury burning deep in her eyes. 
"Tha' was a forward pass! It was totally a forwar' pass! REF BLOW THA' WHISTLE, 'E'S THROWN IT FORWARD!" No whistle was blown. "REF, 'E DID THIS! LOOK COS YOU BLATANTLY NOT WATCHIN' THA GAME!" Hungary stepped forward to a (luckily, unoccupied) table, placing her hands flat on the underside of it and lifting with all her might, causing the table to pirouette mid-air, landing with a loud thud. 

New Zealand burst into hysterics, trying to get through his laughs how silly it looked, how funny and yet cute Hungary looked when angry, and how he'd been choking on his drink because he thought she'd thrown a person. Ultimately though, he couldn't get any of it across, weeping with laughter before being tackled by Hungary into some kind of play-fight, and then finding themselves on the bar's doorstep with yet another ban. (That New Zealand would overturn by the end of the month with his sweet-talking) 

They glanced at each other, started giggling and continued laughing all the way home, banter and drunken post-match analysis/raving flying between them. 

And that was only day one of seven.  
Tags: character: hungary, character: new zealand, fanfiction, fluff or treat, pairing: hungaryxnew zealand

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