sirvalkyrie (sirvalkyrie) wrote in aph_fluffathon,

[Mod] Slight Change of Dates

Originally, everything would be due on November 19th.  However, I expected everything to fill up in the first week.  I still can't believe how hard it is to get people to make requests! So, instead signups for fillers will end on the 19th.  The event will now end on November 30.  So, the posting of the fills will overlap a bit with our Christmas event (which is not a Secret Santa but still involves gift giving).

For the fillers who are worried about length for writing or quality of art: As long as you are trying and it is something you would like to receive there is no minimum or maximum.  I realize this has a shorter window then the Fluffathon so it is more lenient. 

After the Christmas even I will make a post getting everyone's feedback and opinions. 

One last thing, I don't think it makes much sense to make a whole new set of tags for platonic relationships.  So for platonic fills just tag them with the same ones as the romantic tags.
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