sirvalkyrie (sirvalkyrie) wrote in aph_fluffathon,

[Mod] Fluff or Treating filler signups

The signups for the Fluff or Treating event are now open. Remember, these sign ups are for fillers. If you want to fill then please fill out the form and post it as a comment. Everything will be screened to assure anonymity. When you post your form, one of the mods will reply and will give you a number. This number will be used for later.

When the event actually starts, the mods will reply to your form with any requests you receive to make sure you know about them.

Type of fill:
Will not do:
Will do:
Highest rating:
Number of fills you will provide:
Please be as specific as possible with the will and especially the will not do.

Remember, if you put "anything" under your "Will write" section, don't be surprised if you get a request for Romania/Cuba or Iceland/Germania! Of course, if you really ARE open to filling anything, that is fantastic as well.

If you want to make changes at a later date, such as changing the number of fills or adding to what you will or will not write, just reply to your form.

Remember, you do not have to be a filler to participate as a Fluff or Treater.

Detailed info of event
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