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[Mod] Announcing: Fluff or Treating

We are excited to announce our October/November event: Fluff or Treating!

This works the opposite of our normal fluffathon. Instead of submitting your prompts, you submit yourself as a filler. People will then will request fillers based on the guidelines and restrictions the fillers have listed for themselves. The twist is that you do not know who you are requesting until they post the fill for your request!

As a filler, you will sign up you with a pen name (so that your identity remains a secret) with the following information: type of fill that will be provided (fanfic/fan art); the pairings/characters/genres you would like to write, and the number of requests you are willing to accept. Please be sure to also specify other preferences (highest rating you will write, favorite genre, whether or not you have a preference for genderbending) and the type of material you would not fill (such as pairings you dislike.)

Here is an example of your fill post, which will be screened to ensure anonymity:

Costume: A witch with an orange hat
Type of fill: Fanart
Will not write: Anything with the Baltics
Will write: Anything with Norway, China, crack ships, yaoi
Highest rating: PG-13
Number of fills: 3

After you submit your fill post, you will be assigned a number (just in case someone has the same costume as you!) We encourage you to be as creative with your costumes as you wish. When it comes time for the Fluff or Treating to begin, people will choose a filler based on their preferences and request them with a prompt. The prompt must adhere to the guidelines they have set for themselves! If multiple people request a filler that has already has all his or her slots filled, they will be notified to request someone else. (Requests are on a first come, first serve basis!) After that, it works just like the Fluffathon - the filler will fill your prompt and post it to the community when he or she is ready.

To ensure that everyone is given a fair opportunity, you must wait one week before requesting another filler (barring the case that your filler has already been taken; then you may request someone else immediately.) A moderator will create a post when it is okay to make a second request!

Since this is a community devoted to fluff, all works must be fluffy and include a theme related to fall/autumn (the obvious one being Halloween), any holidays falling between October and November (including minor holidays such as United Nations Day or World Food Day), or supernatural elements.

Signup for the fillers begins on October 1!

The Fluff or Treating event begins on October 15 and will end on November 19.

We hope you will enjoy this event! Please comment on this post if you have any questions or comments, and a moderator will be sure to get back to you. Have fun!

Edit: Sign ups!
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