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[Fic] Falling Away With You

Title: Falling Away With You
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Greece/fem!Japan, Netherlands/fem!Japan (kinda sorta), America, fem!Turkey, Egypt, fem!South Italy, Osaka. Mentions of fem!Germany and fem!France.
Rating/Genre: PG-13, Slice-of-life/Romance/Fluff
Warnings: Gakuen-AU, Gender-bends, language, booze&smokes, slight-angst. Oh and Heracles' failed attempt at a robot-dance. Yes, there is a hawt Grecian dancing in this fic.

Summary: Sternbild Academy was a place of prestige, of world-class education and of youthful ambition. It was also the place Kiku Honda least expected herself to fall in love again, and with the college delinquent at that.

Notes: Written for theaph_fluffathon prompt "Gakuen AU. Kiku is hired to tutor Heracles and the two fall in love. Bonus points if Kiku agrees to reward Heracles with a kiss for every good grade he gets"  Kiku is still Kiku because I personally think it's cuter and like it better than “Sakura.”  Besides, the prompt listed "Kiku" so yeah.

Kiku didn't know whether to feel scandalized or just plain humoured. But then Heracles gave a ridiculous robotic pelvic thrust and that set everyone roaring with laughter.

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Tags: 2011 round, character: america, character: greece, character: italy (south), character: japan, character: netherlands, character: osaka, character: turkey, fanfiction, pairing: greecexjapan, pairing: japanxnetherlands, rating: pg-13

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