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[Prussia/England] & [Denmark/Norway]

Title: Sweet
Rating/Warnings: U, none.
Characters: Prussia, England.
Prompt: Prussia/England, Domestic or married fluff, fic or art, preferably below an NC-17 rating.
Summary: Arthur gets home from work. Fluff ensues.


( “What’re ya thinkin’ about?” )


Title: Familiarity
Rating/Warnings: U, none.
Characters: Denmark, Norway.
Prompt: Denmark/Norway. One of Norway's insults actually affects Denmark and he gets really down on himself. Now Norway has to find a way to cheer him  up and return him to his usual obnoxious self.
Summary: Simple fluff. Denmark takes one of Norway's insults to heart and tries to  change, but that wasn't really what Norway had in mind.

( “Hey, Norge, uh… what are we doing here?” )
Tags: 2011 round, character: denmark, character: england, character: norway, character: prussia, fanfiction, pairing: denmarkxnorway, pairing: englandxprussia, rating: g-pg

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