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Love or Fear of the Cold [1/1]

Title: Love or Fear of the Cold
Author: Melly
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: France/England
Warnings: Drinking, language, allusions to sex
Summary/Prompt: Long ago, Francis made a promise, and Arthur is starting to wish he would keep it. Little!France teasingly says he'll marry little!England. Hundreds of years later and after several drinks, England demands he puts a ring on it.
A/N: For aph_fluffathon. This was a really adorable prompt, so I had to pick it up, and it had been a while since I wrote this pair, so it was a good thing all around. Enjoy!

You'd be drunk dialing me in no time
Tags: 2011 round, character: england, character: france, fanfiction, pairing: englandxfrance

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