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[Fic] In Vino Veritas

Title: In Vino Veritas
Author: shibbyone  
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; drukeness, swearing, allusions to sex and lots of kissing.
Pairing(s): Canada/America and France/England
Original prompt: FACE. All four of them get smashingly drunk and have to deal with morning-after hangovers and realizing that they seem to have paired off during the night. Misunderstandings and confessions follow. (no preference for which FACE pairings)
Notes: avoided my natural inclinations of going the USUK/Franada route and did this instead. I hope you enjoy!

( “I locked the door and hid France’s keys,” he announced to the room. “So we can all get drunk with absolutely zero consequence.” )
Tags: 2011 round, character: america, character: canada, character: england, character: france, fanfiction, pairing: americaxcanada, pairing: englandxfrance, rating: pg-13

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