Sahaana~~ (franceismyhomie) wrote in aph_fluffathon,

[Fic] The Best Day Of Our Lives

Title: The Best Day Of Our Lives
Author: franceismyhomie
Rating/Warnings: T for language/G-PG
Pairing(s): Prussia/Fem!Canada, France/Fem!England, Germany/Italy, Austria/Hungary, one-sided America/Japan
Prompt: PrussiaxCanada. Marriage fic! Lots of fluff. I'd love if France got all into planning his former colony's wedding, and was also the best man (because he's friends with both of them).
Notes: I genderbent Canada just because I love looking up wedding dresses and this story gave me excuses to do so. In case anyone is confused about which character is which, I put a list at the beginning of each chapter. I also only tagged the characters who appear in more than one chapter in a major role. Hopefully I'm doing this right D:

"Un look like an angel," Francis whispered, his eyes glistening, taking her hands into his own.
Tags: 2011 round, character: canada, character: england, character: france, character: germany, character: hungary, character: prussia, pairing: canadaxprussia, rating: g-pg

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