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Are you all ready to claim your prompts? Here's the prompt post! I'm extremely sorry for the delay on this. I HAVE extended fluffathon's deadline ten days to try and make up for it.

There are so many prompts that we had to split it up into TWO POSTS. Please reply to THIS post with your claims.

The prompt list is divided up first by character, and then by pairing. Please read the following carefully:

-Pairings are listed ALPHABETICALLY, and the prompts are NOT listed once under each character. Here's an example:

America/Japan, A chaste kiss during the westernization period.

Would be listed under AMERICA but not under JAPAN. This means that a lot of characters don't have a section, or have a small section despite being a popular character. For example, SPAIN'S section only has one prompt, and is in fact, one of the last characters listed, whereas early alphabet characters like America and Canada's sections are particularly large. If you're someone who is just interested in writing for a particular character and aren't looking for a specific pairing, it might be in your best interest to use the F3 button and search for them. AMERICA is first character-wise, but I have listed prompts that allow ANY pairing before him.

-If you listed more than one pairing option for your prompt, it is listed once under each pairing. It CAN BE CLAIMED ONCE FOR EACH PAIRING. Example:

Sewing lessons with USUK, FrUK or NetherlandsCanada.

Is listed under America ---- AmericaxEngland, England ---- EnglandxFrance, and Canada ---- CanadaxNetherlands.

It may be claimed once for each pairing, thus three people could have this claim. You must tell me what pairing you're doing it for. If you sign up for CanadaxNetherlands, you cannot later change it to AmericaxEngland (unless no one else has claimed it there).

-There are a few prompts that ask for a couple of pairings to be included in the story (i.e. a 'double date' prompt). In those situations, only one person can claim them, but I've listed a 'see also' for the first place it's shown. For example, a CanadaxUkraine and BelarusxRussia double-date fic would be listed in BelarusxRussia, but down in CanadaxUkraine it will say 'see also: BelarusxRussia.' Hope that works for you!

-Country names are list in their 'short' versions. America is under AMERICA, not the United States of America, for example. The Italy brothers are listed as ITALY (NORTH) and ITALY (SOUTH) respectively. Also, there is a section just labeled NORDICS, because we had a couple of prompts that involved all five of them and allowed any Nordic pairing. The Nordic characters have individual sections as well.

-Right now you may claim ONE PROMPT, although eventually you'll be able to claim up to THREE. Here is the prompt claiming schedule:

June 30-July 2- Everyone may claim one prompt.
July 3-5- Everyone may claim a second prompt. If you haven't claimed any yet, you can claim two here.
July 6-8- Everyone may claim a third prompt. If you haven't claimed any, you may claim up to three here (similarly, if you've claimed one, you may claim two more).
June 30-September 15th- Posting period! Remaining prompts can STILL be claimed up to the point when posting closes in September. New participants are also welcome to come in and claim at any time. If you wish to give up a prompt, I will put it back in the post and someone else can claim it.

I will do a post to the community on these dates to remind you. Please do not go claim your second prompt UNTIL I do that reminder post. Barring anything coming up, I'll do them right at midnight my time.

-If you did not reply to the signup post, you may still claim. We made sure there were plenty of extra prompts in the case of that situation. It would be helpful if you could follow up your claiming by replying to the signup post though, just for number's sake.

-Once something is claimed, I will put a strike through and the name of the member who claimed it next to it.

-You cannot claim your own prompt. If, once it gets close to the end, one of your prompts is still available and you wish to claim it, you may. But not until then. I'll make a post as to when this is okay.

-To claim, please use the following format:

I am claiming the following prompt:

Romano taking Spain clothes shopping with Italian fashionista action.

I hope this all makes sense to you! If it doesn't, feel free to ask me a question in THIS post.

Lastly and most importantly, I want to thank sirvalkyrie for coding and setting up this post. You were so, so appreciated. ♥ ♥



Have fun!
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