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Fic or Art
1. England cosplaying Star Trek, England x anyone
2. England takes another country on a date to make up for something James Bond did. England x Anyone


Fic or Art
1. Competing over who has grown the best flowers and created the best bouquet to give the other - France/England
2. Playing one on one football(soccer) - France+England, Germany/North Italy OR Netherlands/Spain
3. Teaching the children how to skip stones across the surface of water - (England/France)FACE family
4. Pregnant Fem!France and England having to deal with it. FrUk.- maikichelorrain
5. F-ACE family, with FrUK being the romantic pairing, being either fathers or "fathers" to little adorable Canada and America. Can be canon setting or AU with the family. It can also be anything from super intense fic to super adorable, slice-of-life. I just love reading about them.
6. Bird watching for scientific studies on the White Cliffs of Dover with relevant birds - France + England
7. Gardening with pruning and tending to flower beds. Dirty faces, laughing and kissing unaware please! - England/France- lost_hitsu
8. Harry Potter AU!France's Patronus Charm is a lion, while England's is a rooster - France/England
9. Tying England's hair into short stubby bunches/pigtails - France/England
10. Spooning with clothes on and realising they're content with it. Coming to terms with feelings for each other and it being okay. - England/France- lady_phenyx
11. Finger-painting with the children, please make them relatively young with lots of fatherly praise and hugs - (France/England)FACE family
12. Grocery shopping as a family with buying essentials and one or two treats. Bumping into other nations would be cool! - (France/England)FACE family- archangelunmei
13. France introduces England to some of the dragons in France e.g. the Gargouille in the Seine River, the Tarasque in Provence. Lots of fluffy awe and wonderment please - France/England
14. France/England planting a flower garden
15. England makes France a sweater after France complains about being cold.
16. Francis is a borrower. One day the old lady living in the house (and who knows about Francis' existence)where Francis habits dies. Arthur inherits of the house and discovers the strange inhabitant.
17. France/England; a candlelit dinner on a boat a sea
18. FrUk. Fencing together and exchanging banter as well as blows.
19. When France says that England isn't romantic in their relationship, England strives to prove him wrong and romances France with all his English charm.- iamelegentmess
20. Little!England gets handfasted with little!France.
21. Little!France kissing little!England's boo-boo all better.- lovelycudy
22. Little!France teasingly says he'll marry little!England. Hundreds of years later and after several drinks, England demands he puts a ring on it.- alliterations
23. Drinking games with Gakuen (or college) 'verse France and England- iamelegentmess
24. Sharing umbrellas on a rainy day. France/Canada, France/America or FrUk- ghibli22
25. France/America, France/Canada or France/England. Wherein France and his lover sneak off from their duties for something entirely romantic and innocent (like hand holding or star watching, for example).
26. France/England- exploring the forests at England's house when they were children.
27. France/England, England gives France a frog for a pet as a joke. But when France starts spending all of his time with it, he gets insanely jealous. Fic or art- iamelegentmess
28. see: CanadaxPrussia
29. France drawing England like one of his French girls - France/England
30. Cleaning the bathroom together with splashing soap suds on each other's clothes - France/England
31. Wild mushroom hunting/picking with either Estonia/Ukraine or France/England
32. Slow dancing while an old gramophone plays with quick kisses and dipping - England/France or Austria/Hungary- lady_phenyx
33. England takes a book France has been reading and underlines certain letters on the bookmarked page to spell something 'romantic'. France's gushing and England's denial later please! - England/France
34. England brushing France's hair after a stressful day. Relaxed fluff with talking about what happened that day please! - England/France- lost_hitsu
35. Nation A making sure the other is completely rugged up to go outside in the cold/snow - France/England, Russia/America or Canada/Ukraine
36. FACE family, with America and Canada dressing in England and France's old clothes and uniform, causing France and England to remember their past together.

Fic only
1. Teaching France to make the perfect cup of tea - England/France
2. Sitting on the front porch while sharing a quilt and reminiscing - England/France
3. Getting caught in a rainstorm and finding shelter in the hollow of a tree or under dense branches. Sharing memories while waiting for the storm to pass - France/England
4. FACE (France/England) family - spoonfeeding a very young America and Canada at dinnertime. Make a big mess please!
5. Trying to inconspicuously gain France's approval for a new recipe - England/France
6. FACE. All four of them get smashingly drunk and have to deal with morning-after hangovers and realizing that they seem to have paired off during the night. Misunderstandings and confessions follow. (no preference for which FACE pairings)
7. France wakes up suddenly from a nightmare and England soothes him back to sleep with a fantasy adventure story. Initial laughter until England realises it's serious. - England/France- shadow_of_egypt
8. France notices England has a faint flowery scent underneath his usual smell of tea, old books etc and can't stop himself trying to smell him whenever he sees him - England/France
9. Two characters have an indoor after their outdoor plans are ruined by rain - France/England, Estonia/Ukraine or America/Australia please- lost_hitsu
10. Struggling to cram themselves into a tub for a 'romantic' bath. Ending with laughter and limbs sticking out everywhere please! - France/England
11. Public displays of affection e.g. wiping sauce off their face with a napkin, resting hands on the other's leg - France/England or Turkey/Poland


Fic or Art
1. A proper tea ceremony that calls on relaxation and patience - China or Japan/England or America
2. England/Japan- the summer seashore

Art only
1. EnglandxAmerica, EnglandXJapan, or EnglandxRussia. Sleeping on Totoro's stomach.


Fic or Art
1. England gets lost while hunting. He is found by a Native American nation. Bonus points if America is the son of him and said Native American nation. England x Native American Nation


Art only
1. EnglandxAmerica, EnglandXJapan, or EnglandxRussia. Sleeping on Totoro's stomach.


Fic or Art
1. Prussia/England, Domestic or married fluff, fic or art, preferably below an NC-17 rating.- blood_winged


Fic or Art
1. Seychelles/England. A cute and awkward first date.
2. Nation A teaches Nation B how to dance. Either BelarusXLiechtenstein or EnglandXSeychelles. No NC-17


Fic or Art
1. England/Romano in one of those grand, sprawling landscape gardens, early morning. Lots of cuddling because of the chill, blushing!Romano included.



Fic or Art
1. Estonia/Latvia, they go to the seaside. Either fanart or fic is fine, but no NC-17, please.


Fic or Art
1. The geek gets the girl in the end. Estonia/Ukraine or Japan/Taiwan.
2. Estonia/Ukraine. Gakuen AU. Helping her study.
3. Video call through Skype - Estonia/Ukraine
4. Wild mushroom hunting/picking with either Estonia/Ukraine or France/England
5. Fic/Art - Estonia/Ukraine, helping her with computer problems since she has an old system and can't afford a new one. Can have Poland/Lithuania if the author/artist wishes. Please no other pairings but these.
6. Estonia/Ukraine. Helping each other in the kitchen.

Fic only
1. Two characters have an indoor after their outdoor plans are ruined by rain - France/England, Estonia/Ukraine or America/Australia please
2. Estonia/Ukraine. Gakuen AU with them in the choir/music club together.
3. Estonia/Ukraine. Estonia tries to impress Ukraine by entering a Kiiking contest. He's surprisingly good due to using mathmatics to figure out how best to swing, but Ukraine worries.



Fic or Art
1. Genderbent Russia and male Finland, which one has the better communal bath? Fanfic or fanart, any rating.


Fic or Art
1. Sweden/Finland: Curling up in front of a warm fireplace on a cold winter day with Hanatamago in between them. This prompt can be used for fic or art.- meihime_sama
2. SwedenxFinland- Anything Moomin related.- abarero
3. Sweden/Finland - Baking cookies together. Cuteness with frosting is a plus. Please no other pairings but this.
4. Sweden/Finland. Doing the house chores together.- kainoliero

Fic only
1. Sweden/Finland - Sweden is scared of something (the dark, thunder/lightning, spiders, etc) and though embarrassed, he has to have Finland help him through it. Please no other pairings but this.
2. Sweden/Finland - After watching a Donald Duck short with Sealand, Sweden worries that he needs to improve his speech to convey his feelings to Finland. Cue adorable antics with Sealand trying to help Sweden's enunciation and comedic misunderstandings with Finland- and a happy ending, of course. Can have Sealand/Latvia if the author wants, but no other pairings but those two please!
3. Sweden/Finland. Fives times Sweden tried to kiss Finland but was too shy to do so (and the one time Finland surprised him by kissing him first!) No other pairs please!- champagnesly
4. Sweden/Finland. AU. Finland is a mage and summons Sweden when trying to summon a protective barrier. He then finds out Sweden might as well be a protective barrier as he begins to fall in love with him. (can have DenNor, but no other pairs please!)
5. Sweden/Finland. Sweden finds Finland attractive when he's all worked up from playing hockey and is extremely embarrassed when Finland finds this out.



Fic or Art
1. Canon universe France works as a radio host to fix other people's love lives so they have happy endings, and finally finds a happy ending of his own. France/any, and any other pairing(s) that strike your fancy.
2. Gakuen verse Bad Touch Trio and their respective lovers spending time together and try to make as many dirty innuendos as possible. (Pairings open)


Fic or Art
1. For their anniversary together (Elysée treaty, or an another date), France and Germany decide to surprise the other. France dresses in Lederhosen while Germany cooks a dessert.


Fic or Art
1. France/Prussia/Spain; lounging around in bed all day- darkfireburning

Fic only
1. The BTT (in a three-way relationship) as the infamous (but very popular) trouble makers in high school.- ghostofthemotif


Fic or Art
1. France/Seychelles: France gets a bad sunburn after hanging out on a beach for too long and Seychelles, after making fun of him for it, helps him treat it.
2. France x Seychelles, shopping or sightseeing in Paris No NC-17
3. see: CanadaxCuba
4. Fic/Art - France/Seychelles. Going shopping together, with France more excited about it than Seychelles. Please no other pairings but this.
5. France/Seychelles swimming with dugongs in the waters around the Seychelles islands.

Fic only
1. France/Seychelles. Seychelles decides to show France that he's not the only one who's very good at seduction. (Can be normal-universe or Gakuen AU) Please no other pairings but this.
2. France/Seychelles. AU. Francis falls in love with an island girl who secretly turns into a mermaid once a month.


Fic or Art
1. France/Spain, staying in bed on a sunny morning.
2. People often wonder why the two of them don't mind the other flirting or sleeping around - it's because no matter what, they know they belong together. Spain/France- midori_lover
3. Spain and France go grocery shopping for their dinner. (fic or art)


Fic or Art
1. Planting sunflowers for the fun of it - France/Russia
2. France/Russia. Russia finds himself charmed by France and French culture.

Fic only
1. France/Russia. France discovers that his normal flirting tactics won't work on Russia and has to resort to wooing him in an usual way. PG-13 rating or lower, please. And no other pairings.


Fic only
1. France invites Turkey over to Paris for a couple weeks stay.



Fic or Art
1. Rome/Germania; meeting each other again after centuries of traveling the world

Fic only
1. Modern day AU with RomeXGermania. Fluff and kissing. Fanfiction only.



Fic or Art
1. Playing one on one football(soccer) - France+England, Germany/North Italy OR Netherlands/Spain
2. GerIta-- reconciling after the end of WWII. Remember that Italy surrendered to the Allies before the end of the war, and Germany was the last Axis power to fall, so there may be some tense relations there, but LOVE CONQUERS ALL.
3. GerIta-- In the manga Italy wears an Iron Cross, so what's the story of how he got it? Did Germany give him his? Did he find one? Did Germany make one for him? When did it happen? I don't know, you tell me :D
4. Germany/Italy cleaning the house together
5. Germany finds Italy in the home library, comfortably (and quietly) reading his way through a novel. Italy invites him to stay and join him. Reading fluff ensues.
6. Germany and Italy share some gelato.
7. Germany and Italy plan/pack for a picnic. Germany spends most of the time trying to make sure Italy packs sensibly and he forgets to decide on his own favorite foods. Italy remembers and secretly brings them.- charlzway
8. North Italy packs Germany's lunch and during his lunchbreak, Germany finds his entire lunch box covered in little notes telling him what everything is - Germany/North Italy

Fic only
1. Summer vacation with the Axis trio, with GermanyXNorth Italy. Japan feeling like the awkward third wheel would be great. Fanfiction only. No NC-17.
2. Germany/Italy: Italy has a nightmare about being left alone by Germany, and Germany assures him that it won't happen in real life. This prompt is fic only.
3. see also: AmericaxEngland
4. Germany/Italy- Germany, touched by how hard Italy tries and how much he gives, decides to surprise him with a little gift.
5. At a formal event Italy and Spain team up to convince their respective partners to step out onto the ball floor with them. Germany and South Italy finally acquiesce, but somewhere halfway through the night of dancing end up taking the lead. GermanyItaly and Spain/Romano, please. AU is fine as well.
6. Fanfic only - Germany/N. Italy - Germany keeps trying to give N Italy a kiss, but they keep being interrupted. After much fail, he finally gets his kiss.- rosetteroulette
7. N.Italy/Germany go on a date and Prussia tags along (not invited, but not unwelcome). What they do for their date is up to you. Please no implied pairings but N.Italy/Germany.

Art only
1. Eating Gelato - Germany/N. Italy


Fic or Art
1. Germany and South Korea make kimchi and/or saurkraut, South Korea x Germany


Fic or Art
1. Rainy day during summer: Germany and Prussia please, fem!versions ok
2. Germany/Prussia. Telling a fairytale.
3. Prussia finds a sheep and brings it home to Germany who isn't pleased, but really thinks it's adorable.

Fic only
1.Prussia comes back from a battle weary and discouraged, but puts on a brave face for little Germany, reassuring him that Prussia will always protect him. Years later, Germany has grown up and must once again reassure Prussia that he will always be there.



Fic or Art
1. Greece volunteers at an animal shelter. He pulls another nation into volunteering as well. Greece x Anyone


Fic or Art
1. Introducing Japan to the Greek gods via statues in a museum (based off the Gakuen game where Greece is talking to the statues) - Greece/Japan
2. Greece/Japan: Both of them cosplay as a famous anime/manga couple/pair at an anime convention. (Crossdressing allowed and even encouraged!) This prompt can be used for fic or art.
3. Greece/Japan: Gakuen AU. Kiku is hired to tutor Heracles and the two fall in love. Bonus points if Kiku agrees to reward Heracles with a kiss for every good grade he gets.- charlzway
4. Greece/Japan, Spooning together on a hot and lazy summer weekend.- disownmereturns
5. Greece/Japan. Greece ends up becoming a fan of Japan's dramas/manga/anime, and they bond over them together.

Fic only
1. Greece/Japan: After their night together (you know the one), Japan demands that Greece take responsibility for it by taking him out on a date. Greece complies with a fantastic and wonderfully romantic date that leaves Japan feeling weak at the knees by the end. This prompt is fic only.
2. Fem!Japan turned into a catgirl, for one reason or another. Ends up running into Greece. GreecexJapan cuteness.
3. Greece/Japan. Greece is worried that Turkey's 2010 Eurovision entry will woo Japan away from him, Japan reassures him that this is not the case. Can have Turkey->Japan if you want, but no other pairings but these.
4. Greece/Japan. Greece prays to his gods to help him understand Japan's odd quirks and Athena grants him "wisdom" by turning him into a cat. Japan then takes in this stray cat not knowing he's giving Greece an insight into his daily life.- rose_fortress
5. Greece/Japan. Japan teaches Greece how to use a Wii, which ends up being more sensual than Japan ever expected and leads to awkward/cute fluff. Fade to black is fine, but nothing over PG-13.



Fic or Art
1. Fanfic/Art prompt: Chibitalia and HRE play a game of hide and seek. Chibitalia hides himself too well, and HRE gets worried and panics, trying to figure out whether he got lost or just fell asleep somewhere. If Austria and Hungary can be slipped into the plot, it'd be great too.
2. Chibitalia found a spider, and HRE comes to his rescue.
3. HRE x Chibitalia, with Chibitalia trying to teach HRE how to dance. No NC-17.



Fic or Art
1. Watching fireworks and setting off firecrackers - Hong Kong/Iceland


Fic or Art
1. Hong Kong/Taiwan: Taiwan does her best to get Hong Kong to crack a smile by pulling jokes and pranks on him.- frost_rain
2. Hong Kong/Taiwan. Lighting and launching lanterns together.



Fic or Art
1. Hungary joins the military disguised as a man. Hungary x Anyone. Can be nations or humans.


Fic only
1. Hungary is forced to give Prussia cooking lessons HungaryxPrussia
2. Prussia/Hungary- Prussia makes a promise. Hungary makes sure he keeps it.

Art only
1. Prussia/Hungary or Spain/Romano, sharing a dance. Would love it if it was some sexy tango but whatever dance is fine with me


Fic or Art
1. Hungary makes Ukraine clothing that properly fits her large bust. Hungary x Ukraine
2. Hungary/Ukraine sharing an umbrella during a rainstorm- isakana



Fic or Art
1. Turkey/Iceland. Relaxing in a hot spring together.

Fic only
1. Turkey/Iceland. Turkey, when a tad drunk, insists on teaching Iceland how to bellydance.



Fic or Art
1. Italy loves Japan, so he takes him to a theme park where he plans to confess. Either fanart or fic, but no NC-17 stuff.



Fic or Art
1. Romano/Liechtenstein; spontaneous dancing in public


Fic or Art
1. Prussia/S.Italy- (Drunkenly) hijacking an ordinary world summit. To which neither of them were invited to.- sirvalkyrie

Fic only
1. Prussia/S. Italy- Forced to spend time together because of unforeseen circumstances, the two slowly learn to tolerate and understand each other over the passing of many years. Romantic feelings follow, along with a propensity for hilarious disasters whenever they get together.- froce


Fic or Art
1. Going wine tasting in one another's countries with Spain/Romano or France/Belgium.
2. Spain/Romano fishing- ghibli22
3. Spain/Romano-- Having a romantic dinner where they teach one another how to make something from their native cuisine.
4. Romano/Fem!Spain, first time highschool AU
5. Spain/Romano: Romano pampers Spain after a tough day while still managing to remain tsundere throughout it all.
6. Spain/Romano- A day at the market one summer after the Italian Unification.
7. Spain/S.Italy- a quick swim before a meeting in Italy.
8. see: CanadaxPrussia

Fic only
1. Spain/S. Italy. Affectionate teasing. Well, as affectionate as Romano can get.
2. see also: Germany x Italy(North)
3. South Italy wakes up nestled next to Spain. In the quiet pre-dawn light, caught in the haze between sleeping and consciousness, he reflects on their relationship, his feelings, and the object of his affections.- champagnesly
4. [fanfiction only, nothing NC17 please C:] Spain/Romano AU: One night, a drunk Lovino orders a mail-order bride online but somehow ends up with Antonio. Would love some domestic fluff!
5. Spain/Romano. Spain is a modern bullfighter and gets sick, so Romano takes his place.

Art only
1. Prussia/Hungary or Spain/Romano, sharing a dance. Would love it if it was some sexy tango but whatever dance is fine with me



Fic or Art
1. Japan bases a new anime off of his secret crush. It would be cool if it were a magical girl anime. Japan x Anyone


Fic or Art
1. Japan is worried about Miku (vocaloid) now that she has an English voice and will be sold overseas. Japan x Miku


Fic or Art
1. Japan gives Russia a dancing sunflower toy. (fic or art)- salmonme


Fic or Art
1. Enjoying traditional summer festivals together. Japan/Taiwan or America/Ukraine
2. The geek gets the girl in the end. Estonia/Ukraine or Japan/Taiwan.
3. AU. Japan is a mangaka and Taiwan is the muse for his new shoujo heroine, while the hero is a thinly-veiled rendition of himself.
4. Gakuen AU where Japan walks Taiwan home and holds hands with her.- friggingodess


Fic or Art
1. Japan and Turkey make a bunch of different origami animals. (fic or art)



Fic or Art
1.South Korea makes a ball joint doll to give to another nation. South Korea x Anyone



Fic only
1. LatLiech-- based on a MIA Hetalia-style I saw on the kink meme: "Today I was bored at a meeting, so I made a finger gun and shot at random people. One of them noticed this, and when I 'shot' him, he acted out the best silent death scene ever. I now look forward to those meetings. MILA." This was Liechtenstein, talking about Latvia. Something with these two miming things at each other during meetings and adorably flirting in silence. (They are so precious.)


Fic only
1. Sealand/Latvia, first date. Who asks who and what they do for the date can be up to the writer, but please include some parental Sweden/Finland. No other pairings but those two please!



Fic or Art
1. Liechtenstein goes on her first date while Switzerland spies on it to make sure she is safe. Liechtenstein x anyone


Fic or Art
1. Liechtenstein/Prussia-After seeing all the other female nations'...assets, Liechtenstein is feeling rather self-conscious about her chest size. Awkward yet determined comforting from Prussia ensues!

Fic only
1. Prussia wins a stuffed bird for Liechtenstein at a fair.
2. Prussia and Liechtenstein nurse a sick bird back to health


Fic only
1. Modern day picnic with SwitzerlandXLiechtenstein. It'd be nice if Austria and Hungary made an appearance. Fanfiction only.


Fic or Art
1. Liechtenstein in trouble, Vietnam to rescue! Fanfic of fanart, any rating.- sirvalkyrie



Fic or Art
1. Poland/Lithuania: Slow-dancing together, with Poland as the one leading. This prompt can be used for fic or art.
2. Poland/Lithuania, Poland absently braiding Lithuania's hair while he sleeps. Please no other pairings but this.- shibbyone
3. Poland/Lithuania, snuggling on the couch watching TV/a movie. Please no other pairings but this.
4. Poland/Lithuania. Battling together as the perfect team.
5. Poland/Lithuania. Going horseback riding together.

Fic only
1. Lithuania/Poland. Their first meeting in any kind of AU, with Poland being shy but still letting a bit of his louder side show.- darkfireburning
2. Lithuania/Poland, Lithuania being embarrassed by Poland's choice of clothing in public, and Poland deciding to wear more men's clothes to try to make it up to him. Would love to see some humor in there if author wishes.
3. Poland/Lithuania. Five times Poland visited Lithuania during the Soviet Union, and one time after the fall of the Soviet Union. I would love this to be fun and light (Poland donning drag or pulling a Romeo on Lithuania's window at Russia's house) but with tenderness and longing between the two who have spent years apart. No other pairings please!
4. Poland/Lithuania. Poland swears he has a gray hair and proceeds to freak out over it. Lithuania must convince him it's not a big deal.



Fic or Art
1. A day at the beach with rubbing on sunscreen and Seychelles' giant millipedes - Seychelles/Monaco
2. Sand-combing on the beach - Cameroon/Monaco, Australia/America or Monaco/Seychelles



Fic or Art
1. Playing one on one football(soccer) - France+England, Germany/North Italy OR Netherlands/Spain

Fic only
1. Going for a walk and buying waffles from a street vendor - S.Italy/Belgium, Belgium/Ukraine or Netherlands/Spain


Fic or Art
1. Two Nordics of your choice, a late night in the summer. A lesson in music. Fanfic or fanart, any rating.

Fic only
1. Two Nordics of your choice, an epic roadtrip through the USA. Bonus points for cultural misunderstandings! Fanfic, any rating.



Fic or Art
1. Clothes shopping with Poland teasing Turkey with lingerie. Embarrassed Turkey who tries to cover up Poland please! - Turkey/Poland
2. Learning belly dancing together - Turkey/Poland

Fic only
1. Talking on the roof of the house together while there's a party inside - Cuba/Canada, America/Japan or Turkey/Poland- were_we_really
2. Public displays of affection e.g. wiping sauce off their face with a napkin, resting hands on the other's leg - France/England or Turkey/Poland



Fic or Art
Portugal (female design) enters a race around the world. She is assigned a partner she didn't ask for. Portugal x Whichever nation is her partner.



Fic or Art
1. Gakuen verse Bad Touch Trio and their respective lovers spending time together and try to make as many dirty innuendos as possible. (Pairings open)
2. Prussia finds his love and a gaming buddy in a game of Left 4 Dead (or Left 4 Dead 2). Prussia x Anyone


Fic or Art
1. Prussia/Switzerland. Liechtenstein notices that both her brother and Prussia are very lonely and decides to matchmake them. Hilarious antics and a fluffy happy ending for the pair, please!- were_we_really
2. Prussia/Switzerland. Prussia invites himself over to help Switzerland garden.
3. Prussia/Switzerland. Skiing in the Swiss Alps together. Or better yet, them in a chairlift together, all bundled up and with their skis.
4. Prussia/Switzerland. Sharing Swiss chocolate.

Fic only
1. Prussia/Switzerland. Switzerland comes over late nights for "work" with Prussia. Germany wonders exactly what this "work" with an ex-country living in his basement could be. (can have Germany/Italy if you want, but no other pairs please!)
2. Prussia/Switzerland - bonding over lost loves when Austria/Hungary hook up. Just those two pairs please!

Art only
1. Prussia/Switzerland, shippy looking piece with both of them wearing traditional clothing from their respective countries (Switzerland in Swiss clothing, Prussia in German). Please put both of them in men's clothing. Bonus if Prussia is in Lederhosen.



Fic or Art
1. Chekhov (Star Trek) visits Russia on shore leave and relates a story. Russia x Chekhov


Fic only
1. Hug!fic between General Winter and Russia. Just... anything involving a hug. I prefer current Russia to child Russia, but both are adorable.


Fic or Art
1. Russia falls in love with a cheerful, but poor farmgirl: Ukraine. It would be nice if this could be fairytale like. Russia x Ukraine, but please don't make Belarus a villain.


Fic or Art
1. China playing matchmaker with Russia and Vietnam, Russia x Vietnam



Fic or Art
1. Sealand tries to get advice to ask the girl he likes out. Sealand x Wy or Sealand x Seychelles


Fic or Art
1. Sealand tries to get advice to ask the girl he likes out. Sealand x Wy or Sealand x Seychelles



Fic or Art
1. Gakuen verse Bad Touch Trio and their respective lovers spending time together and try to make as many dirty innuendos as possible. (Pairings open)



Fic or Art
1. Taiwan takes a nation out on a date to the Modern Toilet restaurant - Taiwan/anyone



Fic or Art
1. Going for a ride on an elephant - Thailand/anyone- catgirlprime


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