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Prompt Clarifications

I have a few clarifications on the fluffathon prompts that I need to make-

So what the heck are you defining as 'fluff?'

This is what wikipedia says:
A genre in which the story is devoid of angst and takes on a mood of light-hearted romance.

The mods understand that little bits of angst might sneak in here or there depending on the premise, and that's fine. However, the overall feeling should be that of romantic fluff. NC-17 fic/art is acceptable, but it should also be fluffy. Alternate universe is acceptable, as is alternate reality!

Above is what it says in the intro/FAQ post. That means that this particular fanworkathon is for fanworks of a romantic or at least vaguely romantic nature. We have gotten several prompts that are distinctly platonic, and I will not be posting those. We do have some prompts where I'm not sure whether the member submitting means it platonically or romantically, and for those I'll be asking you individually to clarify. It also means the prompts should be fluff! As noted, bits of angst are okay, but there have been a few prompts that have me squinting and wondering if they could really be seen as fluffy. If you're ever unsure of a prompt, please ask before submitting it. <3

The other thing that must be said is that we REALLY, REALLY need more prompts. We don't have even close to enough to run this thing right now. If you haven't submitted prompts, please do so! Even if you yourself aren't participating, you can still submit prompts!


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