November 30th, 2011

It Mocks Me

[Fic] Autumn Date

For: archangelunmei
Request: I'd like to see something where France, England, Canada and America are in a committed poly-amorous relationship. Specifically, I'd like to see them going out to some autumn event together (a haunted house for Halloween, a harvest party, a fall hayride, something like that) and how they handle that in light of the fact that it's a six-pairing relationship. Do all four of them stay together as a group for the night? Do they break off into couples? Which couples and why? Do they shuffle halfway through so everyone gets to have fun with everyone? I just want to see how the dynamics work between them all, especially in public.
Characters/Pairings: France, England, Canada, America
Summary: It's been awhile since all four members of the FACE foursome have been together, and America has a great idea for a group date - a haunted hayride, sleepover, and a fall harvest festival.
Rating: G
Warnings: Poly-amoroury

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  • isakana

[Fanfiction] When Lights Will Hide

For: kainoliero
Request: A mystery story on something that was taken from Finland at a party by a supernatural being, whether he can get it back or not is completely up to the author. Bonus points if Finland treats Halloween as a purely commercial holiday/doesn't know much about it.
Characters/Pairings: iceland/Finland
Summary: During the annual Nordic Halloween get-together, Finland is cursed. Iceland helps him get through
Rating: K+
Warnings: Halloween, so an attempt at mild freakiness. Not much though.

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