November 19th, 2011

Regina Mana

[Mod] Fluff or Treating requests are closed

Requests for Fluff or Treating are closed.  Of course posting of fills is still going on.

Now, our Christmas event is called "Yule Angel".  It is similar to the normal Fluffathon in that person A does the request and then person B chooses to fulfill it.  What makes it different then our normal Fluffathon is that you get only ONE request.  You write it out in the style of a letter and you can have as much or as little info as you want.  You can include multiple ideas or just one.

More information about Yule Angel will be coming soon, so look out for it!

Note: Yule Angel is inspired by those Christmas trees you see at stores with ornaments including letters to Santa from kids that wouldn't otherwise get presents.