November 14th, 2011

  • isakana

[Fanfiction] Beer Is The Chosen Drink For Sport

For: jencatd
Request: 'New Zealand & Hungary drinking beer, watching rugby together on TV and really getting into the game, yelling at the TV and everything. I'd love it if Hungary ended up flipping a table because her team is losing.
[Rugby in NZ is an autumn/winter sport, and I could see NZ and Hungary getting along well and being really good friends.]
Characters/Pairings: Hungary, New Zealand
Summary: There is an unspoken rule between them that when it turns to autumn in New Zealand, rugby week begins. It always seems to end with at least one ban from a bar, but that's alright.
Rating: K+
Warnings: Table flipping and drunk people, but nothing you won't have seen before. Copious drinking. Quite possibly fail humour and lack of rugby knowledge.

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[Fic] The First Day of Autumn

For: archangelunmei
Hungary/Belgium or Hungary/Liechtenstein (I really don't care which one, whichever's easiest for you! :D) going on a walk to admire the autumn leaves. Major bonus points if it gets chilly, and they hold hands and snuggle together to keep warm.
Summary: Hungary has plans to sleep in, but Belgium knows today is something special the other won't want to miss.
Characters/Pairings: Hungary/Belgium
Rating: G
Warnings: Um...yuri? Short? I've never written Belgium before?

Link: The First Day of Autumn