September 21st, 2011


[Mod] The New Management - EDIT

Hello all,
I am sirvalkyrie I enjoy long walks on the beach, moonlight dinners and... oh dear, wrong community.

Anyways, it would appear I am now in charge.  However, the fluffathon is not fluffy without all of you.  So I want to ask: what do you want to see?

Would you like to see more events?

Would you like to do exchanges?


Fluffathons with themes? Like summer, genderbend, etc.

Would people be interested in another event for October?  I had a few ideas for one.

1. Make unfluffy prompts fluffy
2. Trick or Treating event
3. Supernatural fluffathon

No matter what, the Fluffathon you all know and love will still be held yearly.

So, I suppose I should tell all of you a little about myself.  I am a Hetalia fan, obviously.  My favorite characters are America, England, Belarus and Taiwan.

EDIT: Since neither myself nor the community has paid accounts, I can't make a poll.  So please post your vote on one of the October events.

EDIT2: Hello everyone, I am cattiechaos and I am one of your friendly neighborhood mods! Please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any suggestions as to future events on the comm. I look forward to working with you all!