June 7th, 2011

  • haro

Welcome to APH_Fluffathon's 2011 Round!

Welcome to aph_fluffathon! It's time for the 2011 round!

This is a low pressure fandom-wide fanworkathon. All characters and pairings are welcome. Both fanartists and fanfic writers (as well as fancomic artists!) are encouraged to participate.

The only restriction on subject matter:

It needs to be fluff.

That's right. Fluff.

And here is how it's going to work.
1- Tentative signup post (that's this post!) is made.
2- Prompt submission post is made. You reply with prompts that you're interested in seeing filled. You can submit as many prompts as you'd like. The more prompts, the better!
3- Prompt submission post is closed on June 19th, and all the prompts are posted publicly. Members reply with which prompts they wish to fill. This will be first come-first serve.
4- Posting period begins! The posting period will last from June 20th-September 5th. You may post your fanworks at any point during that time.

1- What if one of my prompts doesn't get filled?

That's always a possibility. This is not an exchange, so there's no guarantee that someone will fill one of the prompts you've offered up. Nonetheless, we're hopeful that there will be something here for everyone to enjoy, once all the fanworks are posted.

2- I really want to participate, but I have NO ideas for prompts. Can I still write or draw someone's prompt?

Sure, absolutely.

3- I'm not a fanartist or a fic writer, but I love looking at fanworks and I have a really great prompt idea. Can I offer it up?

Yes you may. Similarly, if you just don't have time to participate, but have some prompt ideas, go ahead and reply with them. We hope that you'll participate by submitting fanworks if you can though. The more the merrier!

4- How many prompts can I claim?

That depends on how many prompts we get/how many people are interested in participating. Once prompt submissions are closed, we'll be able to answer this question.

5- Can I claim my own prompt?

No, not yet. If, after signups are officially closed, your prompt is not claimed and you'd really like to do it, you may claim it then.

6- So what the heck are you defining as 'fluff?'

This is what wikipedia says:

A genre in which the story is devoid of angst and takes on a mood of light-hearted romance.

The mods understand that little bits of angst might sneak in here or there depending on the premise, and that's fine. However, the overall feeling should be that of romantic fluff. NC-17 fic/art is acceptable, but it should also be fluffy. Alternate universe is acceptable, as is alternate reality!

If you have any question about this, please feel free to ask.

7- Are there any other stipulations regarding fanworks?

Fanfiction should be a minimum of eight hundred words. It can be as long as you'd like. If you decide to do a chapter fic, you're welcome to post updates in separate posts to the community.

Fanart should be polished. It does not need to be colored, but it should not be a doodle in the margin of your notebook or something. Fancomics are the same. Additionally, like with fanfics, you may do separate posts with updates if you're doing a fancomic.

Please try to have your work beta-ed.


This is not an official 'signup' post. We'd prefer you not back out if you express interest here, but we understand if you have to (i.e. if something comes up, you don't feel like you can do any of the prompts). Also, if you miss replying to this post and still want to participate, you are welcome to.

Please reply to this post with whichever applies to you:

I am a fic author, and I am interested in participating.

I am an artist, and I am interested in participating.

I am a fic author and artist, and I am interested in participating.

Comments are screened.

The PROMPT SUBMISSION POST will be posted in a bit. It will clarify more specifics on what exactly we're asking for in a prompt.

Hope to see a lot of interest!

If you're interested in participating, please JOIN the community!

Please direct any questions to me.

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Prompt Submissions- 2011

Assuming you've already read the signup post, which answers some prompt related questions, you're ready to check out the prompts post!

That's this one.

This is where you submit your fluffy prompts. You may submit as many as you can think of. We encourage lots of submissions! Prompts are allowed to be AU.

-What about vague prompts that allow any pairing?:

That's fine. If you have a prompt that is, for example, "summer vacation and windsurfing with a pairing of your choice," that's fine. That being said, you cannot restrict it if you offer up a prompt like that. For example, "summer vacation and windsurfing with a pairing of your choice, as long as it's not Bulgaria/Romano or Liechtenstein/Seychelles" is not okay. Sorry, that's just too complex. However, if you have more than one pairing you'd be interested in seeing it with, you may list up to THREE.

Summer vacation and windsurfing with a pairing of your choice.
Summer vacation and windsurfing with GermanyxNorth Italy.
Summer vacation and windsurfing with any of the following three pairings- GermanyxNorth Italy, EstoniaxLatvia, AustraliaxCameroon. Please no other pairings but these.

Not Okay:
-Summer vacation and windsurfing with a pairing of your choice, as long as it's not Bulgaria/Romano, anything with Canada, or Liechtenstein/Seychelles.

-Keep in mind that this is not an exchange, so you can't provide a long list of specifics like you might at one of those.:

Summer vacation and windsurfing with GermanyxNorth Italy. It would be great if Prussia came along, maybe the rest of the Bad Friends Trio too! Fluff and kissing.

Not Okay:
Summer vacation and windsurfing with GermanyxNorth Italy. It would be great if Prussia came along. I'm a fan of uke Italy, so if there is smut, make sure he bottoms. I also would prefer you use human names. The Bad Friends Trio should totally bomb the vacation, and if they do, a little bit of FrancexSpain would be awesome. Make sure Italy does NOT say "ve~" too often. It's a pet peeve, sorry. Something where Germany and Italy have an encounter with a Great White Shark would be super fun as well. Germany should totally wrestle it. Lots of fluff, of course.

If something is too specific or not specific enough, I will tell you. You're welcome to use anything as your prompts, but please don't make them so non-specific that they're just a word prompt or a short snatch of lyrics. Historical events as a prompt are also fine, but make sure that whatever prompt you provide, it's conducive to fluff.

-I have lots of prompt ideas!

Good, give them all to us! And if you think of more later, just reply again with those. You don't need to consolidate all of your prompts into one reply.

Please specify:

-If it is a fanfiction only prompt.

-If it is a fanart only prompt.

-If it can be used for fic or art.

-If you are NOT okay with your prompt involving NC-17 content, please let us know. We understand that some members may be underage, and we'd like to respect that.


Comments are screened.

Hope to receive lots of prompts!

Please direct any questions to me.