[Fanfiction] Lipstick Mugshots

For: darkfireburning
Request: BTT in a three-way relationship - I would like to see something in which the exciting plans they originally made for Halloween fell through, but the three of them manage to have a great time together anyway. I would love it if they all got dressed up in costumes, though what costumes is up to the filler =)
Characters/Pairings: Prussia/France, implied Prussia/France/Spain, background Turkey/Portugal and cameos by Germany and England
Summary: The mugshots that hang in the entry way to their apartment tell the story of the best Halloween ever.
Rating: T for sex and drinking
Warnings: Off-screen, non-explicit sex, drinking, crossdressing

(It was the Halloween that went down in infamy.)

  • isakana

[Fanfiction] When Lights Will Hide

For: kainoliero
Request: A mystery story on something that was taken from Finland at a party by a supernatural being, whether he can get it back or not is completely up to the author. Bonus points if Finland treats Halloween as a purely commercial holiday/doesn't know much about it.
Characters/Pairings: iceland/Finland
Summary: During the annual Nordic Halloween get-together, Finland is cursed. Iceland helps him get through
Rating: K+
Warnings: Halloween, so an attempt at mild freakiness. Not much though.

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It Mocks Me

[Fic] Autumn Date

For: archangelunmei
Request: I'd like to see something where France, England, Canada and America are in a committed poly-amorous relationship. Specifically, I'd like to see them going out to some autumn event together (a haunted house for Halloween, a harvest party, a fall hayride, something like that) and how they handle that in light of the fact that it's a six-pairing relationship. Do all four of them stay together as a group for the night? Do they break off into couples? Which couples and why? Do they shuffle halfway through so everyone gets to have fun with everyone? I just want to see how the dynamics work between them all, especially in public.
Characters/Pairings: France, England, Canada, America
Summary: It's been awhile since all four members of the FACE foursome have been together, and America has a great idea for a group date - a haunted hayride, sleepover, and a fall harvest festival.
Rating: G
Warnings: Poly-amoroury

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Hetalia Blow Kiss

[Fanfiction] Silly Old Bear

For: trishpawachunyu
Request: A normal autumn day in England's house, where he is accompanied by a certain silly old bear named Winnie-the-Pooh. I have this certain symbolism that Pooh's one of the 'ghosts' of England's past (IRL, the real Christopher Robin considered his memories of Pooh to be the 'ghosts' of his childhood), so he'll fit in with Halloween just fine, seeing as it's considered to be the day when spirits and other supernaturals are more free to roam the earth. That's the logic behind it, but I don't want it too be touched too much upon (lest it be...un-fluffy). Bonus points for teatime with England's tea and Pooh Bear's honey, or if America or Russia joins along. (Russia likes Pooh, IMHO.)
Characters/Pairings: England, Russia
Summary: A normal day for England is a little more special when his friends are there and a new guest is invited for tea.
Rating: G
Warnings: None

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[Fic] Sharing.

For: cattiechaos
Request: I would like to see the Baltic trio (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia) having fun at a Halloween fair at night! Whether they are braving the Haunted House, bobbing for apples, or working a pumpkin pie booth, I would love to see them enjoying each others company (and of course, I want to see them in costume! It's up to you what they dress up as.)
Characters/Pairings: Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.
Summary: Once upon a party the Baltic bros got an idea to "help out" scaring the partygoers. Halloween's supposed to be scary, right?
Rating: G
Warnings: None.

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Regina Mana

[Mod] Fluff or Treating requests are closed

Requests for Fluff or Treating are closed.  Of course posting of fills is still going on.

Now, our Christmas event is called "Yule Angel".  It is similar to the normal Fluffathon in that person A does the request and then person B chooses to fulfill it.  What makes it different then our normal Fluffathon is that you get only ONE request.  You write it out in the style of a letter and you can have as much or as little info as you want.  You can include multiple ideas or just one.

More information about Yule Angel will be coming soon, so look out for it!

Note: Yule Angel is inspired by those Christmas trees you see at stores with ornaments including letters to Santa from kids that wouldn't otherwise get presents.

[Fic] The First Day of Autumn

For: archangelunmei
Hungary/Belgium or Hungary/Liechtenstein (I really don't care which one, whichever's easiest for you! :D) going on a walk to admire the autumn leaves. Major bonus points if it gets chilly, and they hold hands and snuggle together to keep warm.
Summary: Hungary has plans to sleep in, but Belgium knows today is something special the other won't want to miss.
Characters/Pairings: Hungary/Belgium
Rating: G
Warnings: Um...yuri? Short? I've never written Belgium before?

Link: The First Day of Autumn
  • isakana

[Fanfiction] Beer Is The Chosen Drink For Sport

For: jencatd
Request: 'New Zealand & Hungary drinking beer, watching rugby together on TV and really getting into the game, yelling at the TV and everything. I'd love it if Hungary ended up flipping a table because her team is losing.
[Rugby in NZ is an autumn/winter sport, and I could see NZ and Hungary getting along well and being really good friends.]
Characters/Pairings: Hungary, New Zealand
Summary: There is an unspoken rule between them that when it turns to autumn in New Zealand, rugby week begins. It always seems to end with at least one ban from a bar, but that's alright.
Rating: K+
Warnings: Table flipping and drunk people, but nothing you won't have seen before. Copious drinking. Quite possibly fail humour and lack of rugby knowledge.

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